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ISA Window Decal
Our Price: $6.00

This 6" x 6" International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) Window Decal has a permanent adhesive, not a cheap static cling material.
  • Conforms to American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • This UV resistant window decal is placed on the windows of Accessible Entrances to let customers and visitors know the entrance is ADA compliant and has wheelchair access.
  • This is a window decal and does not have tactile text or Braille.

Accessible Check-stand Decal
Our Price: $8.50

This 8" x 8" Decal is used to indicate that a retail check-stand is accessible for persons with disabilities.
  • Conforms to California Building Code.
  • This decal has a permanent adhesive.
  • This is a decal and does not have tactile text or Braille.

cyberregs REF: CBC 1110.B.1.3

This Door To Remain Unlocked Decal
Our Price: $6.00

This adhesive 1.5" x 26" decals goes above your entry door to comply with building codes.